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Here Are Three Ways Get Your Grocery Store Purchases Under Control and Organize Your Pantry

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We all know that organizing your pantry can be a daunting task. Yet, it’s completely necessary for any efficient household. Depending on how much space you’re working with, you might find yourself dealing with a small, overstuffed pantry filled with who-knows-what, or a walk-in pantry that is spacious, yet completely disheveled. Either way, organizing your pantry is a great way to take stock of what you have in your kitchen while giving yourself something productive to do. Here are three efficient ways to approach the task.

Invest in clear containers and a labeler.

Clear containers are the gold standard if you’d like to organize your belongings without losing track of what you have. This storage solution is especially helpful for bulk-bin items, like rice, grains, and nuts. With neatly labeled clear containers, gone are the days of having four partially open bags of quinoa. Plus, properly sealed containers keep out bugs and elongate the shelf life of your edible items.

Make use of household items to give your pantry more storage space.

You don’t have to buy specialty pantry storage items to make your space cleaner and more organized! From crates and pencil holders to magazine racks, household items can be a smart and inexpensive way to add even more storage to your pantry. If everything has a special place or holder, you’ll be less likely to mess it all up when rooting around for your dinner supplies.

Keep stock of your pantry’s inventory and update it regularly.

Keeping your pantry organized and in good shape doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming task. In fact, you can make pantry maintenance much easier on yourself if you take a few minutes to do a quick inventory each week. Knowing what’s in there is the best way to make sure you’re cooking and eating what you already have and avoid buying multiples of the same thing. This way, you can also make sure you’re not holding on to long-expired food, condiments, and seasonings.

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