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Overeating Is More Common Than You Might Think! Here Is How to Nip It in the Bud

Most of us could say that we’ve been guilty of overeating. Special holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, are a perfect excuse to indulge a little too much! However, if you find yourself overeating a little too often, your health may begin to suffer – both mentally and physically.

What is overeating, exactly? It is defined as consuming more food than your body can cope with comfortably in one sitting or more calories than the body needs to function optimally on a daily basis. It can take the form of snacking too often between meals or eating a large dinner when you’ve already had a rich, fulfilling lunch.

Overeating means you’ll be left feeling bloated and likely suffering digestive symptoms, such as gas or cramps. All in all, too much food will also lead to weight gain. Once you figure out why you overeat, whether it’d be boredom or dehydration, then you can approach the issue in the following ways:

Be More Mindful.

Mindless eating is a common problem in Western society. We’re often so busy that we eat on the run or simply make mindless food choices out of sheer convenience. You can even engage in this behavior when you’re doing something as simple as watching TV while eating. Unfortunately, these distractions not only reduce our enjoyment of the food we’re putting into our mouths, but they can also quickly lead to eating too much. In other words, our brain fails to pick up on the signs of physical fullness. So, stop eating mindlessly and start eating mindfully by tuning in to what your body really needs!

Plan Your Meals.

Planning and preparing your meals in advance can help prevent you from falling victim to fast food and other bad food choices. If you’re ordering takeout for dinner, check the menu thoroughly before you place your order. Pack your lunch to avoid temptations to join your co-workers for pizza. When you prep or plan out your meal in advance, you can ensure your intake of quality ingredients. Don’t forget to include plenty of snacks, like fruits, veggies, and nuts, to hold you over between meals – hey, anything is better than chips from the vending machine that ultimately lead to more mindless snacking!

Eat More Protein and Fiber.

Protein is a valuable nutrient that supplies your body with the amino acids that it needs to restore muscle tissue. Plus, protein takes a lot longer for your digestive system to break down, so you’ll feel fuller for longer. In fact, studies show that eating a breakfast high in protein increases satiety and reduces hunger throughout the day. Fiber can also help prevent overeating and regulate your blood sugar levels, so you’re less likely to crave sweet things later in the day. Fiber cannot be broken down in the digestive system, however; therefore, it adds bulk to your waste and helps keep your cycle regular.

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