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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

If you are ready to gear up and start a new exercise program, you should take a moment to consider your feet. These hard working parts of your body need to be protected by having the right kind of shoes. It seems as if there are hundreds of types of shoes, all with various degrees of hype, but it is easy to cut through the claims in order to find the best shoes for you.

First, identify what type of exercise you expect to do. There are some shoes that are better than others for specific activities. For example, walking shoes should bend easily in the forefoot area, not in the mid-sole. Running shoes will require more shock absorbing material than walking shoes. Do some research to find out what to look for in a shoe designed for your specific activity.

Next, go to the right store. Your best bet is to find a store that specializes in athletic shoes. There are even some specialty shops that only carry walking shoes or deal in shoes for serious runners. By going to such a store you will be able to take advantage of the expertise of the staff. Ask lots of questions and take your time when trying on your shoes.

Fit is the most important component of selecting proper footwear. You should be trying on your shoes late in the day, when your feet are at their largest. You should also get your feet measured, both of them, if you haven’t in a while. Oftentimes, your two feet will be different sizes. You should get shoes that fit your largest foot. Make sure that you wear the same type of socks you’ll be wearing when you exercise. There should be a thumb’s width between your big toe and the tip of the shoe. The shoe should also be wide enough to fit comfortably across the widest part of your foot. There should be no pinching, slipping, or tightness and you should be able to wiggle your toes. Never buy shoes hoping that they will stretch or feel better once they are “broken in.”

Take the shoes you are trying on for a spin. If you are a runner, you should be allowed to jog around the block. Note whether the shoes provide you with enough support and comfort. Generally, if a shoe fits well, you’ll know it once you feel it. If you still feel uncomfortable about whether it is the right shoe for you, let the store staff know so that they can evaluate whether another type of shoe is better for you. Never keep shoes that don’t feel just right.

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