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Goodbye Work Week, Hello Weekend: Spend Yours Traveling the Silk Road During This New Exhibit

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Step 1,000 years back in time to experience the sights, sounds, and stories of the greatest trading route in history – the legendary Silk Road.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History's latest exhibit, Traveling the Silk Road, features immersive re-creations of ancient settings feature life-size models, artifacts, and hands-on activities, telling the story of the route’s extraordinary golden age and its influence on the world. This exciting exhibit explores a time when the information superhighway was a network of land routes that stretched 4,600 miles across blazing desert sands and snowy mountain passes.

Wander through a re-creation of a night market in Turfan and discover stalls overflowing with the goods—including sapphires, silks, jades and rubies, furs and peacock feathers, and fruits and spices—that would have captivated travelers over a thousand years ago during the city’s heyday. Come nose-to-nose with three life-size camel models decked out in full caravan regalia and loaded with trade goods amid a scenic backdrop depicting a landscape of sand dunes.

Enjoy a story in Samarkand where a computer-animated book brings to life tales that travelers might have told along the Silk Road, such as The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs or The Lion and the Hare. Walkthrough a 41-foot long replica of the prow of a full-sized model Arab dhow sailing ship, split in half to reveal the priceless cargo of ceramics, and elaborate metalwork that would have been traded or transported from workshops in China during the Tang dynasty.

See a massive replica of a Tang-era loom from the China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou, which demonstrates the final step of weaving fabric from silk thread. With so much to explore, we encourage you to visit this exhibit while you can! Traveling the Silk Road is on display until January 5, 2020.

Are you growing weary of life’s monotony? This means you need to break away from your daily routine. The friendly management team at Augusta Commons Apartments in Marietta, Georgia encourages you to add a little something special to your day by attending this event!

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, November 23, 2019—10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Fernbank Museum of Natural History
767 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

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