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Rid Yourself of the Paper Clutter in Your Apartment Home with Some Simple Hacks

Paper clutter tends to be a problem for many people. Between bills, mail, and other important documents, paper can add up big time and overtake all the tables and desks in your apartment home. With modern tech converting many processes to paperless, however, there’s simply no excuse for paper clutter any longer. We know that you’ll feel some relief once you purge your paper, too. Here is how you can get started!

  1. Put reading material where you are most likely to read it. Place a magazine holder next to your favorite chair or designate a drawer in your nightstand for all of your magazines. Don't leave a stack of periodicals on your coffee table if the television is nearby and it is a major traffic area – you're not likely to read them there.
  2. Once you get a new magazine, throw the oldest issue away. This way, you will be keeping your supply manageable. If you hate to throw your magazines away, find a friend or family member who would enjoy receiving these old editions.
  3. If you find you only read parts of the magazines and newspapers you get, learn to pare down your reading materials from the beginning. When you get a new issue, look at the table of contents. Tear out articles that are of interest to you and toss the rest. Place these articles in a small folder. This is easier than trying to get through that huge stack of magazines in the pile.
  4. Consider getting rid of paper subscriptions altogether. Many magazines now offer subscriptions that can be downloaded onto your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Many apps now even allow you to enjoy full magazines, cover-to-cover. Take advantage of these high-tech solutions and reap the benefits of a cleaner space. 

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