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Feel Rejuvenated After Using Three of the Best Self-Care Apps on the Market

One outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is that most of us are left with more time. This means, we actually have time to consider the various aspects of life that benefit us, such as taking care of ourselves. Whether you are a seasoned health & wellness enthusiast or just starting to build your own self-care routine, these helpful self-care apps will make creating and implementing one a very seamless process.


Open the Calm app, and you’ll immediately be greeted with the gentle sound of the outdoors. Promising to help its users sleep better, boost confidence, and reduce stress and anxiety, Calm's Daily Calm sessions, soothing music, and bedtime stories work to increase the overall health and happiness of its users. In addition to Daily Calm sessions, there are also programs for intermediate and advanced users.


If you’re feeling down, it can work wonders to take some time to think about all the things you have to be thankful for. The idea for Grateful was based on research from Harvard Medical School, which showed a link between expressing gratitude and improved health and emotions. Posting daily diary entries will allow you to reflect on the good times and show that sometimes it’s the smallest things that can have the biggest impact on your day.


Acting like your supportive best friend or parent, Shine is “daily pep talk in your pocket,” a friendly reminder to believe in yourself that can also help you overcome stress or anxiety. Not only can you get a Monday through Friday morning Shine Text filled with motivational messages and affirmations, but you can also access personalized audio challenges and self-improvement audio tracks to help you achieve your goals.

At Augusta Commons Apartments in Marietta, Georgia, we hope this will motivate and inspire you to go above and beyond in order to achieve your dreams.

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